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Kim Nistler

Director of Student Services

Fact: There is nothing you love more than Ms. Nistler loves food.

The girl works up an appetite! Ms. Nistler is Radcliffe Creek’s walking, talking Swiss Army knife. Not only does Ms. Nistler lead our Student Office, she also serves as school nurse, one of our Student Success Coaches, and assistant to our Head of School. And, on top of all of that, she consistently steps up to the plate when Radcliffe Creek needs help. This year, for example, she agreed to organize the Run for Radcliffe, our biggest fundraiser of the year.

Kim Nistler

An alum of Salisbury University, Ms. Nistler earned her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. “My favorite part is probably seeing the kids’ faces each day and having a relationship with them,” she said. “I really value that. I love watching them grow up into their own people.”

Ms. Nistler also has another full-time job as CEO of the Nistler household! A mom of three, she loves spending time with her kids, her friends, and her extended family. Born and raised in Sudlersville, MD, Ms. Nistler now raises her own family in the same small town.

In many ways, Ms. Nistler is the glue that keeps our main office together. We are so profoundly lucky to have her on our team.

410-778-8150 x100

June 22, 2022


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