Name: Position


Kelsey Aburn: Director of Marketing, Communications, and Admissions

Annie Agee: K-1 Teacher

Gibson Anthony: Technology Director/Radcliffe Reach Extension Teacher

Emily Armstrong: Literature Teacher/Physical Education

Betsy Babylon: Music Teacher

Meg Bamford: Head of School

Julie Blyman: Director of Student Affairs/ Literature Department Head/ Literature and reading Teacher

Lana Brand: Little Creek Toddler Room Teacher

Brittany Brown: Infant Room Teacher

Catherine Bushby: Language Arts Department Head/ Literature and Language Arts Teacher

Debbie Cohee-Wright: Learning Specialist

Brittanie Collier: Director of Finance


Gretchen Coppage: K-1 Teacher

Erin Dinnis: Speech/Language Pathologist

Lis Engle: Little Creek Pre-K Teacher

Jacquie Franklin: Little Creek Two's Teacher

Kevin Gilchrest: Math Teacher

Hayley Greenwood: Language Arts Teacher


Maxine Harper: Little Creek Toddler Room Teacher

Mary Ann Herron: Art Teacher and Department Head

Dawn Holmes: Math Department Head and Teacher

Ben Joiner: Assistant Head of School

Kristin Kirby: Discovery Teacher

Tony Littlefield: Discovery Teacher

Malorie Martinez: Speech/Language Department Head

LaSharra Moody: Little Creek Toddler's Teacher

Paige Moorman: Reading Teacher

Maryemma Munoz: Little Creek Two's Teacher

Ashley Myer: Little Creek Two's Teacher

Kim Nistler: Administrative Assistant

Kat Nordhoff: Classroom Assistant/ Radcliffe Reach Assistant 

Colin Orr: Language Arts, Literature, and Reading Teacher

Rebecca Paris: Math Teacher


Brenda Plummer: Little Creek Floater

Jimmy Reynolds: Enrichment and Discovery Teacher/Radcliffe Reach Extension Director


Taylor Serio: Math and Language Arts Teacher

Jessica Sheubrooks: Integrated Studies Teacher


Ashley Singer: Librarian/Reading Teacher

Brianne Snyder: Little Creek Three's Teacher

Scott Taylor: Maintenance Coordinator

Heidi Usilton: Discovery Department Head and Teacher

Ellen Wise: Director of Advancement



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(410) 778-8150

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201 Talbot Blvd. Chestertown, MD 21620


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