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Information pertaining to the process of finding a new Head of School will be published on our website in the next few weeks. Please contact the RCS Board of Trustees if you have any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming Head of School search.

Next Steps By The Board of Trustees

As of December 30, 2021

Dear Members of the Radcliffe Creek School Community,

When I wrote to you about Meg Bamford’s decision to conclude her tenure at Radcliffe Creek School this coming summer, I promised that I would provide you with periodic updates regarding our search for new leadership. As you know, the Board of Trustees is charged with identifying, evaluating, supporting, and working in partnership with the Head of School, who is the Board’s only employee. The Head of School, in turn, supervises every other employee of the school.

In a series of meetings over the past month, and with the professional counsel of AIMS (our accrediting organization), the Board has worked diligently, creatively, and in a time- sensitive fashion to plan its next steps. At this important juncture in the school’s young history, the Board has made the decision to seek an interim head of school who will take office on July 1, 2022, and who will provide a bridge of at least one year to new, long- term leadership. This strategic decision will allow Radcliffe Creek School to bring experienced leadership into the school right away this summer and to consider carefully its longer-term goals and aspirations.

The Board has reviewed a group of candidate profiles, focusing on those available individuals who have substantial experience as heads of school in our region. We are conducting off-site interviews with candidates who have risen to the top of the list, and we will be inviting finalists for a full campus visit in January and early February. Those finalists will have an opportunity to meet with senior administrators and selected teachers. As a reminder, the Board is composed of present and past parents, and community members with particular expertise, and it is our role to steward both the near- term needs and the long-term future of the school.

I am very thankful for the wisdom and dedication of our Board, and I am optimistic that we will identify an interim head who will bring strength and experience to this important work. I’m very hopeful about the future of Radcliffe Creek School, and I look forward to sharing further updates with you as our process continues.


Robert Ditmars, President
Radcliffe Creek School Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees' Letter to School Community

Dear Faculty and Staff,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Radcliffe Creek School Board of Trustees. Among its most important roles, the Board is responsible for recruiting, supporting, evaluating, and working in partnership with the head of school, the Board’s only employee. 

As you may know, Meg Bamford will be moving on to a new leadership position in St. Louis at the conclusion of this school year. Meg has led our school through a very challenging and complex time, succeeding the school’s founding head and shepherding us through the unprecedented period of Covid-19.Meg has helped our community follow a path to success through dedication and hard work, cooperative efforts, and collaboration with all the stakeholders of Radcliffe Creek School. We celebrate her work on behalf of our school and her appointment to a new position of responsibility at the Miriam School and Learning Center in St. Louis, MO.   

In the weeks ahead, the Board will be planning the process for the search for Meg’s successor, and we take this responsibility seriously and optimistically. We will be seeking appropriate professional counsel, and we will keep the community appraised at each phase of the process. There will be appropriate ways for all members of the community to be involved in the process, and we look forward to communicating with you regularly in the weeks and months ahead.

Meanwhile, Meg remains fully engaged in her role as head of Radcliffe Creek School through June 30th, 2022, and she is deeply committed to the success of the leadership transition, as is the Board. As we congratulate Meg for her professional achievement, please join me in continuing to care for the future of Radcliffe Creek School.


With anticipation of a bright future -- 


Robert Ditmars, President

Board of Trustees

Meg Bamford's Letter to The Board

Dear Mr. Ditmars, RCS Board of Trustees, and our Radcliffe Creek School Community,


With a grateful heart, I am writing to inform you that I will be finishing my tenure as your Head of School at the   end of this school year. I have accepted a position as the chief executive officer of Miriam Foundation, beginning July 1, 2022. As CEO, I will oversee 2 schools for children with complex learning challenges and a Learning Center that serves over 1200 children annually in the St.Louis region.

Our incredible school has been through so much these past four years and I am so blessed to have been a part   of it. Through all of the challenges the school has faced whether it  is   COVID-19, transition, or financial, our   mission to help our students optimize their potential has been our North star and a powerful motivator. As I say   over and over again and will continue to say, there is no place like Radcliffe. And now, as I look upon our time together, I can confidently say that our school stands financially stronger with structures now in place to ensure its   sustainability for its next 25 years. Our Radcliffe teachers and administrators are a tight, child-centered, positive team that is mission-focused on changing the trajectory of our students’ lives. Programming is aimed at creating dynamic learning environments. Our enrollment is robust and growing as we remain focused on the profile of students whom we serve best. Our donors continue to see the impactful value of their contributions.


I thank the Radcliffe Creek School community, the Board of Trustees and especially my amazing team of administrators and teachers for their support and commitment to RCS during my time in Chestertown.

Please know I will work closely with the Board of Trustees and our staff to do everything in my power to ensure a   productive school year and a smooth transition. I know how lucky my successor will be to come into such a wonderful school community.

It has been my great privilege and honor to serve the Radcliffe Creek School.

With every good wish,

Meg Bamford