homeroom notes

If each child were to bring in one box of tissues, one box of plastic spoons and forks and one container of Clorox wipes for their homerooms, we would have plenty for the entire year.


The RCS kitchen does not provide plastic silverware or paper products for the students.


Microwaves: Children may bring in foods for lunch that need to be heated in a microwave. Every homeroom has one for this purpose. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS AND CHOOSE FOODS THAT DO NOT REQUIRE A LONG COOKING TIME.


PLEASE, label all clothing and other belongings with a permanent marker. This eliminates ownership problems that may arise.


If your child has some of the required supplies left from last year, please feel free to reuse them.


Please communicate with your homerooms teachers by email if possible, to relay questions, report absences or delays, or to communicate for any reason. You will be informed as to the Homeroom that your child will be in on Student Visitation Day.

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