Radcliffe Creek School is offering an exciting opportunity for homeschool students to access our experience and expertise in the area of creating customized educational programs. Radcliffe Creek School has offered support to students who are homeschooled for many years. We seek to serve children who are nontraditional learners. For more than 24 years, Radcliffe Creek School has provided innovative, personalized education to children from across Maryland and Delaware who are not traditional learners.


Starting in the 2019-2020 school year, Radcliffe Creek School will offer customized consultation to homeschool parents and providers.


What will this program look like?


  1. An assessment of each child’s current level of performance and data analysis to optimize student engagement and growth. 

  2. Each student’s assessment data will be reviewed by a collaborative team of Radcliffe Creek School personnel. Recommendations for curriculum as well as instructional strategies will be crafted based on these assessments.

  3. Further educational assessment, observations, and advocacy consultation by Radcliffe Creek special educators can be done at an additional expense.

  4. Student portfolios will be reviewed annually by Radcliffe Creek personnel to ensure educational progress is documented.

  5. Students who meet the admission requirements will be invited to participate in the Radcliffe Reach Extension Program, which features enrichment and after school activities. 


The 2019-2020 cost for the Radcliffe Reach Homeschooling Program is $1,000 per student.


Please click here to submit information about your child to begin the process for registration and admission under Radcliffe Creek's homeschool umbrella.


We are incredibly excited to meet your families and your students and welcome you as part of the extended Radcliffe family. We look forward to working with all of you as we help your children discover, create, and thrive!