Support RCS


A critical group of donors - the Keepers of the Creek - was created in 2016 and the response was immensely gratifying. These individuals have seen the impact a Radcliffe Creek School education can have, and chosen to make a financial investment in the school’s future with a $1,000 (or more) gift to the school. In 2016, 33 donors committed to joining this group and this year we are hoping to double that number.


The Keepers of the Creek are a critical component to the success of our Strategic Plan - Securing the Future. With support from this special group, we are actively and aggressively pursuing the action items laid out in this plan, ensuring that we are fulfilling the mission, embodying The Radcliffe Way, and preparing students for further scholastic success. And it’s working. Much of what we do is possible, and will continue to be possible, with the help of our Keepers of the Creek donors.


If you are interested in joining Keepers of the Creek, please contact the Advancement Office at 410-778-8150, or make your gift online here.