The Language Arts program is designed to provide multi-sensory instruction in the areas of writing, grammar, comprehension, and vocabulary. Students gain specific skills by following the systematically designed curriculum, which includes review of previously taught skills before acquisition and mastery of new skills. Students are taught strategies designed to make them successful, independent learners. 

In order to implement the goals and objectives, which are derived from Maryland State Standards and current research findings, a variety of programs are utilized to meet the individual learning styles of the students.  Such programs include Step Up To Writing, Language!, Framing Your Thoughts, the Write Source series, and Houghton Mifflin’s English.  Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom also give students access to internet resources and activities. In addition, students in grades 5-8 are issued Chromebooks to use for writing across the curriculum. 

For Orton-Gillingham students, a variety of literature selections are used in the classroom to support vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. For students placed in Literature classes, the focus in Language Arts is writing and higher level grammar.