Dear Radcliffe Friends and Family:


The Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) would like to introduce ourselves to you and your families at Radcliffe Creek School (RCS)! We are enthusiastic for the new school year, the events planned and future events. We hope you are too!


Our main objective as a PTC is to provide RCS with funds, programs, resources and services that will empower our children in this dynamic environment to celebrate unique learning...our mission is the school's as well!  Moreover, to meet this standout goal, and have the means, we must fundraise. This is not our favorite responsibility, but it necessary, as we need to be accountable to address our school's needs. These funds enable us to offer programs to strengthen the learning experience and recreational needs of each child, to promote open communication between staff and parents while encouraging RCS SPIRIT and pride.  The PTC uses its resources, both worker-bees and monetary, to support all the efforts of the staff of our school. 


In addition to our monthly meetings, we announce events and updates in the school's weekly electronic newsletter, send out periodic e-mails, maintain the PTC's portion of the School's Web site and have plans to roll out a Radcliffe Creek School Facebook PTC group page. We hope you utilize these channels of communication, as we want this to be yet another means to inform parents and staff of what we are working on and how it benefits your children.


That said, the PTC has only caught site of our first visual mark on our fundraising track to plan and prepare for the 2017-18 school year. Our most important runner, or should we say "asset" is you...our volunteers! We ask that you to take a look-see at the colorful ways you can chip in this school year. Regardless of how much time you have,  whether you work from home, in an office or are able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, we'll try to entice you with promises of all-inclusive vacations or an Australian wine tasting trip for 6 friends (golly, nope! Not going to happen, ever...) to get involved. Take a gander at our "Volunteer Camo" form here for ideas and let us know the opportunities that fit your lifestyle!


Our volunteer list fills up from this form and some events do as well. Moreover, we will not turn your help away...goodness knows we can use it! If you cannot decide, where you would like to help right now, a donation would be just as helpful, and very welcomed. Otherwise, please indicate your choices (we will not hold you to it if your plans change!) and return the enclosed form via email to me. If you want to be a room parent, you must return it by August 14, 2017!


Do not hesitate to contact any of our team or myself should you have any questions or concerns. One of us will always be reachable via the emails below.


See you around the Creek!


Kendra M Bramble, PTC President 

Krista Batchelor and Wendy Rhoe - PTC Vice Presidents

Jane Joiner - PTC Secretary

Ken Kurz - PTC Treasurer