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Discovery is Radcliffe Creek School's unique and comprehensive approach to actively learning science and social studies. Students get immersed in a topic to learn about it in a holistic way!

Discovery is Radcliffe Creek’s unique approach to actively learning science and social studies. For nine-week blocks, students are immersed in a subject – so not only do they learn how electricity works, but also the history of it. Classrooms are transformed from a blank slate to a masterpiece of the unit being studied (one classroom comes alive as a tropical rainforest while another is constructed into a Civil War battlefield). Students use multiple senses to create and learn.

Younger students build models on the classroom floor and role play characters throughout history while older students use technology to demonstrate their understanding of science and historical events, while incorporating textbook assignments and assessments into their daily routine as they prepare, again, for academics outside of Radcliffe Creek.

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