Our 25th year at Radcliffe Creek School reminds us that life can bring us unexpected challenges. We teach our students at Radcliffe that it is what we do with those challenges that allow us to flourish in times of difficulty. Radcliffe resilient. Instilling this trait early on in our students has allowed them to be successful as they continue their journey through high school and through life.


It is your generous support that allows us to guide our students as they face their challenges and to view them as opportunities, rather than a life sentence or struggle. Whether it is with reading, math, managing their anxiety,  ADHD, or making friends, at Radcliffe what we do for our children is critical. We know our approach is good for all learners.


In June, our eighth-grade graduation provided us with the opportunity to celebrate the progress made by our students during their time here at Radcliffe. In last year’s graduating class, there were 11 young men. Some students had been with us since they were in Little Creek while others had been with us for 2 years. Due to COVID-19 restrictions in June, we could not be together to celebrate. Instead, we traveled as a caravan to each child’s home and presented them with our version of a diploma, which is the Wings Certificate and wings pin, and a personalized collage. 


One student, Elii,  who came to us in the spring of his 4th-grade year, quiet and timid with language deficits and reading well below grade level, stood tall in front of the group gathered in his front yard for his graduation. He fluently read an essay he had written about how much Radcliffe had meant to him. As the tears rolled down everyone’s cheeks, he recalled how hard it was for him to connect with teachers and peers, and about how his journey at Radcliffe brought him to be one of the school’s leaders not only on the basketball court but through the halls of the school. He attended Radcliffe due to our robust financial aid package which is made possible through our scholarship fund. This young man who had been through so much before Radcliffe noted it was his teachers who were so instrumental in helping him learn to believe in himself and continue to try to grow academically and athletically. 


Thanks to donations to our scholarship fund, another graduate, Luke,  attended Radcliffe since the second grade. This student used to be overwrought with anxiety, he struggled to decode simple words and had no confidence in his ability to take risks to try new things. He now speaks his mind about his needs. Furthermore, he advocates thoughtfully about his passions. As an avid hunter and fisherman, he began to research the conservation of land behind our school. It is because of this student’s perseverance, that the land behind our school is certified as a National Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation. 


The reality is that a vignette could be written about every single eighth-grader and each child that attends Radcliffe Creek School. Resiliency has always been a deeply important part of our school. At Radcliffe, our resilience allows us to pivot to online learning or face to face instruction amidst the mandated COVID-19 guidelines we must follow. In times of hardship, stress, and difficulty, Radcliffe serves as a beacon to model the necessity for a community of learners that work together to bend with the challenges that come our way. Please give to the annual fund so we can continue to serve children in Maryland and Delaware. We are reliant on your loyal support. 


Annual gifts from parents and grandparents, alumni, and friends are all critical to the success of our goal: to ensure that every child who can benefit from Radcliffe Creek School is able to attend regardless of their family's ability to pay. I hope you will consider making your annual gift today. An envelope is enclosed for your convenience. 


With every good wish,


Meghan F. Bamford

Head of School

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