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Dear Friend of Radcliffe Creek,


This November, our school is concentrating on “having an attitude of gratitude.” We are thanking our country’s veterans and reflecting on the blessings we have been given in life. One of life’s gifts that is mentioned again and again is our school. We thank you for your support of our extraordinary school and we know that without your support our school would not exist.


In September, we welcomed 20 new students. Each student comes to us with a different challenge whether it is reading three years below grade level, struggling to articulate their thoughts, making friends, dealing with anxiety, or stopping themselves from making impulsive choices. Can you help me change their story? These bright children, when given the personalized tools they need to be successful, will go on to medical school, enter the military, become teachers,

community leaders, chefs, engineers, anything they dream. Our students think out of the box and will be the problem solvers we need in the fast-paced world in which we live. Your contribution this year to the Annual Fund will genuinely make a difference in the lives of our 85 students and their families.


Alumni return to Radcliffe Creek with poignant stories of their journeys after leaving the Creek and they remind me that the gift of Radcliffe Creek School continues far beyond eighth grade. Last week, we received a photo of five inductees into the National Honor Society from a prominent, private high school, and all of the students were Radcliffe graduates!


In my first five months, my mantra has quickly become Radcliffe Creek School changes the trajectory of a child’s life.


There are no schools within hours of Kent County that can even begin to make such a bold, honest claim. Families are compelled to make tremendous sacrifices to send their child to our school because they know that we are the experts on helping students who learn differently. With us, students get the tools they need to be successful. I sincerely believe, after the educational experiences our children have at Radcliffe Creek School, that doors are open for their futures that never would have opened before.


We strive to provide a Radcliffe education for as many families as possible, many who face significant financial hardship. This is our vision; can it be your continued vision as well? Your Annual Fund gift is vital for us to continue to change the lives of children from seven counties across Maryland and Delaware.


Thank you for your consideration. Your generosity does change lives, and your support will help sustain our vision.


Meg Bamford

Head of School