Hayley Greenwood

Marsh Teacher and Testing Coordinator

After joining our staff in 2019, Ms. Greenwood immediately won the hearts and respect of her students and their families. Even when we transitioned to virtual classes during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Greenwood managed to retain the fun and engaging atmosphere which was so palpable in her classroom each and every day.

Hayley Greenwood

An exuberant and engaging teacher, Ms. Greenwood specializes in reading and writing instruction. One of our top Orton-Gillingham instructors, Ms. Greenwood has consistently excelled in helping students who struggle with their reading and writing skills. In fact, in lieu of becoming a department head in the 2022-2023 school year, Ms. Greenwood opted to take on a more active role with our testing and academic planning process alongside Ms. Cohee-Wright.

Ms. Greenwood recently completed her Master of Science in Teaching from Notre Dame of Maryland University and a Special Education certification from the same institution.

“I love kids. I loved learning growing up, and always looked up to my teachers,” Ms. Greenwood said. “My favorite part is watching my students progress in areas they struggle with or in classes and throughout the years.”

Originally from Kent Island, Ms. Greenwood bought her first home in 2021 in Millington, MD. While her three-year-old daughter, Lily, keeps her plenty busy, Ms. Greenwood also enjoys running, knitting and cooking. She is an avid reader (especially mysteries), and positively adores the sitcom Friends.

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July 3, 2022