Kelly-Anne Turner

Director of Events & Enrichment Teacher

Some people look silly in hats. Then there’s Ms. Turner, who wears multiple hats at once and does so with ease! Director of School Programming and Discovery teacher extraordinaire, Ms. Turner finds a delicate balance between planning school-wide events and developing individualized learning plans for her students.

Kelly-Anne Turner

With over 10 years of experience developing school programming for The Benedictine School, Ms. Turner understands how to recognize a grade level’s need, analyze potential remedies, develop cost-effective strategies, and execute the option that best meets the needs of our students, teachers, and school community.

By establishing relationships with local organizations such as the Kent Soil and Water Conservation District and Chestertown’s Sultana Education Foundation, Ms. Turner has reinvigorated Radcliffe Creek’s commitment towards providing students an unparalleled curriculum in environmental studies. A proud environmentalist, Ms. Turner loves opening her students’ eyes to the beauty of our world, and our responsibility to foster and facilitate that beauty. “I love teaching both youths and adults about AgroEcology,” she said.

With a dream and plan to purchase a farm by 2027, Ms. Turner and her husband practice what they preach. The couple also runs their own dog services business.

Originally from Lakewood, NJ, Ms. Turner moved to Delaware to attend Wilmington University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies, and her Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership. She now resides in Worton, MD.

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July 5, 2022