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Margie Barilar

Office Manager & Enrichment Teacher

There aren’t many folks who teach karate and collect social security. But, then again, there aren’t many folks quite like Ms. Barilar (affectionately known as Ms. Margie).

Margie Barilar

Much like Ms. Nistler, Ms. Margie is a human Swiss Army knife! Not only does Ms. Margie run the front desk in our main office, she substitutes; tutors; teaches P.E., Karate and Yoga; and assists our Finance Director, Megan Fitzgerald, with the school’s bookkeeping. Talk about a super star!!

Ms. Margie joined the Radcliffe Creek family after a long, storied career at Chestertown’s Dixon Valve. After 36 years with Dixon, Ms. Margie had a short-lived retirement. Never one to sit still, Ms. Margie joined the Radcliffe family on a part-time basis.

The rest of Ms. Margie’s time is dedicated to her own business: Eastern Shore Isshinryu Karate School. Ms. Margie (or Master Barilar, as some people call her), loves teaching youth and seniors alike about martial arts. A sixth degree black belt in Isshinryu Karate herself, Ms. Margie is single-handedly the most lethal person on our campus. She will mess you up and go about her day like nothing happened.

During the three times per year when Ms. Margie chooses to take a break and relax, she’ll re-read her favorite book, Gone with The Wind, watch old movies, or go kayaking. She also adores traveling (most recently to Bermuda)!

410-778-8150 x102

July 2, 2022

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