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To All 700 of Our Amazing Participants and Volunteers,

Thank You So Much

We had so much fun at this year's return of the Run For Radcliffe 10 Mile/5k event. As is tradition, the Chestertown Tea Party Race and Run for Radcliffe helped kick-off Chestertown's annual Tea Party Festival on Saturday, May 28th, 2022! Runners took off from Wilmer Park and headed into the beautiful Kent County Countryside. After looping back to Wilmer Park, runners enjoyed snacks, beer, music and games!

Radcliffe Creek School changes children’s lives. By participating in the Run for Radcliffe, all of you helped us expand on that promise of change, growth and opportunity. Whether a student has a learning difference such as dyslexia or ADD/ADHD, a speech and language disorder, or would simply benefit from an individualized environment, a Radcliffe Creek education helps set them on the path for success. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all of our sponsors, runners, parents, and everyone else who helped make our grand return to in-person racing such an extraordinary day.

And A Heartfelt Thank You

To All Of Our Spectacular Sponsors!

Next Year, Show Your School Spirit

Through Sponsorship and Participation

Family Sponsorships

Our families have shown support via Family Sponsorships for over two decades! With a tiered pricing structure, there are options to fit any budget. Peruse our Family Sponsorship Packet to learn more!


Corporate Sponsorship

As Radcliffe Creek's reach has grown consistently each and every year, so has our brand. We are fortunate to have established community partnerships with small businesses and corporations alike!



Our largest run ever saw over 700 participants! Participants are able to start their own fundraiser upon registration so you can share a link for donations from family and friends!

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