Annie Agee

A member of the Radcliffe Creek family since 2017, Ms. Agee has become a staple in our Marsh pod (our community of younger students). Embracing every bit of her students — from the anxious reds to the lonely blues, from the rambunctious rascals to the erratic what-do-you-call-its — Ms. Agee has the remarkable super power of making her students feel heard, seen and understood. It’s a very special thing to see.

Annie Agee

Discovery Department Co-Head

“I've always loved kids and I love showing students that learning can be fun!” Ms. Agee says. “Watching their little light bulbs go off is my absolute favorite part of the job.” 

The lightbulb moment is what keeps Ms. Agee going. And after five years with our students, Ms. Agee seems to have found her stride. While all teachers at Radcliffe Creek utilize kinesthetic learning in their lesson plans, Ms. Agee also incorporates art. Leveraging her students’ unbridled creativity, Ms. Agee unlocks a new way of grabbing their short attention spans. The end result? Their mighty brains turn into sponges that soak up all the smarticle particles she has to offer. 

After completing her Bachelor of Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University, Ms. Agee returned to her hometown of Centreville, MD, where she currently resides with her boyfriend, Jake. A horror movie aficionado, Ms. Agee can discuss horror films and novels for hours! Also a die-hard Lord of the Rings nerd, Ms. Agee enjoys the occasional trip to Middle Earth (or wherever else she may have the opportunity to travel to).

410-778-8150 x115

July 2, 2022