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Ben Joiner

Assistant Head of School

In many ways, Mr. Joiner is the conscience of Radcliffe Creek School. The embodiment of the ethos of Radcliffe Creek, Mr. Joiner consistently holds a mirror to staff, parents, and students alike. He pushes teachers to new heights, reinforces to parents how much “the little things” matter, and gently reminds students about the fragile balance of their strengths and their focus areas.

And he does so unabashedly.

Mr. Joiner knows not everyone wants to be pushed. He understands — wholeheartedly — that some things are easier said than done. But, just because some things are hard, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Mr. Joiner is the conductor on the train of The Little Engine That Could. Like Mr. Orr, Ms. Bushby or Ms. Coppage, Mr. Joiner is one of the voices Radcliffe Creek alums, students, and faculty consistently hear in our heads, encouraging us to keep going, keep trying, and above all, keep growing.

Born and raised in Kent County, Mr. Joiner lives in Millington with his wife and four children: Mary-Jane (Class of 2022), Quinten, Morgan and Hazel. If there is one role Mr. Joiner is more proud of than that of Educator, it's Dad.

While he’s often found in his truck chauffeuring his kids to various extracurricular activities, Mr. Joiner also enjoys spending time in his vegetable garden, exercising, cooking, and watching sports.

A self-described life-long learner, Mr. Joiner got his Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Salisbury University, and his Master of Science in Education and School Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania.

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