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Bryn Ponti

Intervention Transition Skills Coach

Ms. Ponti is a relatively new addition to the Radcliffe Creek family. Her breadth and depth of expertise however, would lead you to believe that she has been at Radcliffe Creek for a decade.

Ms. Ponti has quickly become a key fixture for some of our most-challenging cases. With acutely strong skills in behavioral management and individualized planning, Ms. Ponti has become a go-to resource for her peers. Armed with years of experience, a masters degree in Education (specializing in Elementary Education and Special Education), and endless patience, Ms. Ponti has helped countless children find strategies to help control their larger-than-life feelings.

For as incredible as she is at Radcliffe Creek, Ms. Ponti is also a true Renaissance woman! Before joining RCS, Ms. Ponti took a break from leading classrooms so she could lead her own restaurant! Located in Rock Hall, The Wheel House restaurant was a passion project and dream come true for Ms. Ponti, her husband, and their best friend. However, after selling the restaurant right before COVID, Ms. Ponti was eager to rejoin the classroom.

“I really just love learning, and, as a teacher, we are constantly learning,” Ms. Ponti said. “Everyday is a new one that presents new challenges and accomplishments.”

When she’s not cooking or helping students at Radcliffe Creek, Ms. Ponti is probably watching mindless television shows on Bravo, or sailing with her husband. The couple’s new boat, “Wolf Trap,” promises a great deal of adventure in their future!

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