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Catherine Bushby

English and Language Arts Department Co-Head

If Mr. Joiner is the conscience of Radcliffe Creek, then Ms. Bushby is its heart. A fellow member of the Twenty Year Club, Ms. Busby has been with Radcliffe Creek since 1999. In that time, Ms. Bushby has motivated a generation of learners, inspired a generation of performers, and encouraged our entire community to be the best possible version of itself.

Simply put: Ms. Bushby cares a whole awful lot. And, what’s more, she teaches others to do the same.

Before her journey in education began, Ms. Bushby spent ten years in Manhattan pursuing her dream of acting and singing. Not only did Ms. Bushby perform in numerous shows, she was afforded the opportunity to study acting at both the Herbert Berghof Studio and Stella Adler Studio. It was a magical period.

Following her ten-year stint in New York City, Ms. Bushby and her husband, Skip, planted roots in Chestertown, MD. Coming from a long line of educators, Ms. Bushby always knew she wanted to be a teacher. So, upon her arrival to Chestertown, she set off to do just that! Because there was no local program for elementary education in Chestertown at the time, Ms. Bushby had to piece together her post-baccalaureate studies from several different colleges: Goucher College, McDaniel College, Delaware State, Chesapeake College, and Anne Arundel Community College. Together, coupled with her Bachelor of Science from James Madison University, she finally felt ready to tackle her second biggest dream. Over twenty years later, Ms. Bushby will quickly tell you it’s one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

In her time at Radcliffe Creek, Ms. Bushby has transformed an entire generation of readers and writers. Her immersive approach to literature and language arts help her students grow exponentially! Utilizing multiple approaches and modalities, Ms. Bushby is able to differentiate her lesson plans in a manner that allows her to meet each student where they are. The end result? Good writers become great writers, great writers become exceptional writers, and exceptional writers become prolific writers. With a differentiated approach to reading and writing, Ms. Bushby is able to challenge her students on an individualized level.

When she isn’t serving as one of The Creek’s most influential voices, Ms. Bushby adores spending time with her husband, Skip, their children, and their grandchildren. She also loves watching sports on television (particularly college basketball) and is very passionate about her top 20 favorite songs of all time, a list she’s been working on and revising for the last ten years.

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