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Jimmy Reynolds

Enrichment Teacher and RCS Swiss Army Knife

What does one say — succinctly — about Radcliffe Creek’s legendary renaissance man? A prolific painter, chef, craftsman, baker, photographer, videographer, and above all, incomparable teacher, Mr. Reynolds has been one of Radcliffe Creek’s secret weapons since 1998.

In true renaissance fashion, Mr. Reynolds is able to utilize his unique and diverse skillset to best meet the needs of Radcliffe Creek School. With many students who struggle in traditional learning environments, Mr. Reynolds quickly realized that his passions could act as a bridge to his students. Through a series of Enrichment courses, Mr. Reynolds found true, tangible progress. As so often is the case with creative endeavors, a sense of contagious curiosity spread. His passions became his students’ passions. Suddenly, students felt empowered with a productive outlet; for some it was cooking, for some it was painting, etc.

Later, with a reinvigorated love for one of his all-time greatest passions, Mr. Reynolds stepped away from teaching in 2010 to pursue an entrepreneurial effort as an event caterer full-time. After a great deal of success, Mr. Reynolds returned to Radcliffe Creek in 2019.

Since his return, Mr. Reynolds has further developed the Enrichment courses he initially crafted in 1998. Thanks to a series of grants, he began a boat-building class to help instill the values of carpentry, and further elaborate common themes in science classes. Partnering with local businesses, Mr. Reynolds also began painting murals around campus and the greater Chestertown community, most notably the expansive scene at Vault Storage on High Street.

For all the hats Mr. Reynolds wears, whether it be that of a painter, chef, veteran, or parent, he has often said that he’s most proud of being a teacher. Mr. Reynolds’ commitment to Radcliffe Creek School has fundamentally changed our school for the better. We’re unfathomably lucky to have his unbridled creativity at Radcliffe Creek School.

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