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Katy Morrell

Ms. Morrell, a parent of a student who joined Radcliffe Creek School in February 2022, is our hero. After a staff member’s sudden departure in late April, Ms. Morrell agreed to take over the departing teacher’s courses with less than a week’s notice! And, she’s been CRUSHING it ever since!

To her peers, it came as no surprise when Ms. Morrell received multiple shout-outs during our 2022 Remembrance Day graduation ceremony. After only a month and a half in the Radcliffe Creek family, she formed deep, strong, and influential bonds with her students.

Katy Morrell

Specialized Instruction Coach and Nest Evaluator

“My favorite part of my job is loving when kids walk into my room and feel safe and ready to learn, Ms. Morrell explained. “It’s not just about academics, it is about helping kids grow socially.”

Coming from a long line of educators, you could say teaching is in Ms. Morrell’s genes. From the time she was five years old, she knew she wanted to be a special education teacher. So, like she implores her own children (and students), she pursued her goals and followed her dreams. After studying at Wesley College and earning her Bachelors of Science at West Chester University, she pursued even further education at the University of Delaware, where she obtained her Autism certification.

“I had only a very few teachers that took their time with me and really got to know me,” Ms. Morrell said. “I wanted to be the teacher to make that impact. I feel it is so important to get to know the WHOLE child.”

Following in her family’s footsteps, Ms. Morrell has taught at a host of institutions throughout Delaware. She won Teacher of the Year in 2013 and has helped countless students and their families understand and overcome the struggles that often accompany autism.

When she is not serving as Radcliffe Creek’s latest and greatest teacher, Ms. Morrell adores spending time with her husband, and their pride-and-joys, Ava and Mara. Ms. Morrell loves to visit the beach (her happy place), read, and watch comfort movies like Sweet Home Alabama.

The Morrells currently reside in Townsend, DE.

410-778-8150 x116

July 5, 2022

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