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Kim Frymark

Director of Facility Maintenance

Ms. Frymark, affectionately known as Ms. Kim2, has a heart as bright and bold as her wardrobe. Nearly always clad in plaid, Ms. Kim2’s style is as iconic as her charm and wit. Always ready with a joke or anecdote to lift a student’s spirits, it’s no wonder how she quickly became everyone’s favorite goofball.

As the Director of Facilities, Ms. Kim2 ensures that our school is safe, clean, environmentally friendly, and up to code. A true visionary, she can often see a classroom’s potential before any other member of our staff. Just this Winter, for example, she converted an old, rarely-used computer lab into a state-of-the-art classroom for one of our newest instructors. That kind of vision is indicative of her optimism, conviction and dedication to Radcliffe Creek, our students, and our greater mission.

A masterful thrifter, Ms. Kim2 will often come to school with refinished or repurposed furniture that she shanked at a yard sale and gave fresh life.

Also a proud (albeit understated) Air Force veteran, Ms. Kim2 currently lives in an old farm house outside of Goldsboro, MD. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, traveling to visit her brothers, or tending to her garden. She positively adores her garden. So much so, that she let it move in! She has over SIXTY houseplants!

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