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Nickesse Dawson

Nest Lead Teacher and Math Department Chair

A recent addition to the Radcliffe Creek family, Mr. Dawson brings the cool to school! Quickly winning the hearts of his students, Mr. Dawson uses his charm and wit to bring his classroom a sense of calm and curiosity.

Mr. Dawson, who teaches Math, P.E., and Enrichment, is a natural leader in and out of the classroom. A proud father to his three children and three stepchildren, Mr. Dawson strides towards being a positive role model for his family, his students, and the greater community. Last year, he co-founded the Fatherhood Initiative, a men’s group which focuses on helping peers struggling with some of family-life’s biggest challenges.

“Education was emphasized in my family and I always enjoyed school,” Mr. Dawson recalls. “During my first year out of college, I worked at a summer camp and found myself interacting with the kids and truly enjoying myself. It was that summer that I decided that I wanted to continue to be a positive influence in young people's lives.”

Mr. Dawson graduated with his Bachelor of Arts from the first HBCU established in the South after the Civil War: Shaw University in Raleigh, NC. He enjoys traveling back to North Carolina to visit his family during Radcliffe Creek’s holiday breaks.

Mr. Dawson and his wife, Tasha, have known one another since they were 17. The two of them now reside in Centreville, MD. Ms. Dawson, who teaches math at Centreville Middle is “very patient with me,” Mr. Dawson jokes.

The Dawsons have a tutoring and academic services business: Dawson Education Services. Don’t tell Ms. Dawson, but the revenue goes towards Mr. Dawson’s Air Jordan collection and his love for good music, like OutKast’s certified classic Aquemini.

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