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Simone Vagnoni

Discovery Department Head

We’ll just cut to the chase with this one: Ms. Vagnoni is one of the coolest teachers at Radcliffe Creek! After joining the Radcliffe family in September of 2021, Ms. Vagnoni instantly connected with our older students —opening their eyes and blowing their minds in her Discovery classes. By the end of her first year, she was already getting shoutouts as our eighth graders’ favorite teacher!

Before Ms. Vagnoni ruled the classroom, she ruled the field as one of Michigan State University’s finest field hockey players. The learning experience in Ms. Vagnoni’s classroom is heavily influenced by her field hockey career. Her teaching style is immersive, and her activities are often hands-on — imploring her students to work together as a team.

“I wanted to be a teacher because of all the impactful teachers and coaches and leaders who helped me,” Ms. Vagnoni said. “I want to provide the impactful experience of learning to all the students in my class.”

Originally from Collegeville, PA, Ms. Vagnoni now lives in Denton, MD with her fiancé and their two dogs, Tatum and Huck. A lover of all things outdoors (especially hikes), Ms. Vagnoni also loves painting and making hot chocolate bombs! Every once in a while, she’ll convince her fiancé to watch Lilo & Stitch or The Gilmore Girls (two of her favorites) with her, but apparently that’s only when he’s in trouble. But don’t worry — Tatum and Huck are always ready to have a binge watch with her.

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