Is Radcliffe Creek the right place for your child? If you can answer yes to more than one of the following questions, Radcliffe could very well be a good fit. Please give us a call at 410-778-8150 for more information or to set up a visit.


  • My child has greater potential than his or her current school performance reveals.


  • My child would benefit from having more attention from his or her teachers.


  • My child is not being challenged in some areas of school.


  • My child is smart.


  • My child is frustrated by doing worksheets.


  • My child is unhappy at his or her current school.


  • My child has difficulty completing his or her homework independently.


  • My child has uneven skill development (for example, they are a great reader but struggle with mathematical concepts).


  • My child needs more time to complete his or her school work than some other children.


  • My child could benefit from specialized tutoring (reading, writing, math) and/or therapy (speech and language, occupational, socio-emotional) during the school day.

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