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Admissions Process

At Radcliffe Creek, the success of our students is the most important factor in any decision we make — especially regarding admissions. To ensure that each of our students has a similar on-boarding experience, each and every applicant follows the exact same admissions process. This not only allows us to learn about the prospective student (and their family), but also grants our teachers the opportunity to formulate prospective plans on how to tackle the student's particular needs. 


Like most schools, we assess a multitude of factors when studying a student's likelihood for success. Our team of Student Success Coaches are happy to guide you through every step, form, and test along the way. 

Together, we can change your student's life.


1. Request  An
|nformation  Packet

The first step in admission to Radcliffe Creek School is to learn more about our programs by contacting one of our Student Success Coaches, Kim Nistler or Nick Singleton. Once you speak with one of our coaches, we'll send over an information packet with even more insight into what life is like on The Creek!


2. Schedule a Tour

Still interested in joining Radcliffe Creek School? After exploring our site and the packet given to you by your Student Success Coach, we'll schedule a tour! Can't wait?! We can't either! We're excited to meet you. Check out our Virtual Tour in the meantime for a sneak peek!

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3. Complete An Application Packet!

Are you having trouble finding a suitable consultant for educational testing or psychological testing? While many public schools will offer these services as part of your child's IEP, we can help connect you with an independent licensed professional. Ask your Student Success Coach or visit our online Resource Center!

The Radcliffe Creek School application packet consists of:

・Traditional Application

・Consent Form

・Educational Testing

・Psychological Testing

Please note that only completed applications will be reviewed by our Admissions Committee.


4. Shadow Days!

Once your application is complete, we'll schedule a two-day visit for your prospective student! These visits, which we call Shadow Days, provide your student (and our teachers) an opportunity to gauge if Radcliffe Creek is the right fit for your child to grow and prosper. After your student's Shadow Days, their teachers will be consulted for next steps.


5. Admissions Committee Meets to Review

After receiving the feedback from the team of teachers your student spent their Shadow Days with, your Student Success Coach will meet with our Admissions Committee to discuss how we can best meet your student's needs.

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6. Contract Offered!

Your contract will include applicable discounts and scholarships as well as any additional financial aid offered by RCS. Please note that your aid is based off of your SSS results.


7. Accepted!

Once your student's contract is signed and returned (along with an initial deposit), they will be officially enrolled in Radcliffe Creek School!


We will then begin crafting an individualized learning plan for your child.


Welcome to the

Radcliffe Creek Family!

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