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The Radcliffe Fund

Where every dollar supports
every student's educational experience!

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About The Radcliffe Fund

Your annual fund gift empowers our teachers directly, investing in their professional training, outfitting our classrooms with the latest technology, enhancing the school’s arts, athletic and academic resources, and giving rise to new opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. Every gift you make to The Radcliffe Fund shapes every student’s educational experience, setting them up for future success, in and out of the classroom.


The Radcliffe Fund supports our school’s most critical needs, helping to close the gap between the cost of tuition and the true cost of what it takes to provide the highly individualized education experience we’re known for. What we call “The Radcliffe Way”—the combination of a low student-teacher ratio mixed with direct, multisensory, hands-on education personalized to each child—is a strategy that has turned struggling students into confident learners here for over 27 years. 


It doesn’t happen without your support. Help us continue to deliver the very best education to our students by giving a gift to The Radcliffe Fund today!


Wish to have an even greater impact? Give a recurring donation each month, which shows your support of our school throughout the year.

“My daughter loves school. Negative experiences are few and far between. We’re grateful she has the opportunity to learn in a comfortable, accepting environment. Thanks for all you do!”

Radcliffe Creek

As Experienced By Current Parents

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