Radcliffe Creek encourages the use of technology from an early age. The technology curriculum was specifically designed for students at Radcliffe Creek to integrate with a student’s technology needs across the curriculum – from Language Arts to Math.


Computers and technology are inherently multi-sensory because of their audio-visual component.


Examples of technology at work in the Radcliffe Creek curriculum:

  • Students who have difficulties with reading use text-to-speech software to hear written content and proofread their work.

  • Students who have difficulty with writing use keyboards to become more efficient writers. Unencumbered by the physical constraints of handwriting, they are often able to produce work that is richer and more readable.

  • In addition to traditional teaching technology programs, digital video production teaches students organization, writing, and oral language skills in a non-traditional, dynamic, and project-based format.


Radcliffe Creek’s Middle School-aged children take part in the School’s Chromebooks program. Chromebooks for Education is a program designed to address the challenge of using technology in the classroom efficiently. For a quick intro, watch this video.


In addition to Chromebooks, Radcliffe also utilizes Google Apps for Education, using the web-based services to provide an increased level of collaboration and interaction between students and teachers as they tackle dynamic academic projects.


Finally, all of the classrooms at Radcliffe Creek utilize interactive whiteboards, which help the curriculum, from math to reading, come to life.

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