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Radcliffe Creek doesn't just encourage the use of technology from an early age -- we teach kids how to effectively use technology as a learning tool that enhances the student experience! 

Teaching Technology Hands-On.
That's The Radcliffe Way.

Radcliffe Creek has partnered with Google to provide Chromebooks to all students! Our program was designed to address the challenge of using technology in the classroom efficiently and to help bridge the gap of technological efficacy.

In addition to the use of Chromebooks, Radcliffe Creek also utilizes Google's Apps for Education, a suite of web-based services that help provide an increased level of collaboration and interaction between students and teachers as they tackle dynamic academic projects.


All of the classrooms at Radcliffe Creek also utilize interactive whiteboards -- a fundamental tool which helps teachers shape their curriculum in a way that brings their curriculum to life.


Students who have difficulties with reading use text-to-speech software to hear written content and proofread their work.

A Tool To Help Our Students Grow.

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