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Athletics at Radcliffe Creek is emblematic of much more than helping students stay active. Student athletes learn the importance of teamwork, time management, and good sportsmanship!

Embracing an Athletic Lifestyle at RCS,
Staying Active For Life!

The mission of the Radcliffe Creek School athletic department is to emphasize both individual strength building exercises and positive group social interactions. 


The students focus on individual and group skill building activities, games, rules, and general fitness activities. The ultimate goal is to have fun in a positive and supportive environment that fosters good sportsmanship.


​In an atmosphere that fosters integrity, honesty, and trust, young athletes become capable of embracing challenges and develop confidence to persevere, independent of any results.  As coaches, we believe in influencing others in a positive tone and focus on what young athletes are doing well. We push young athletes to strive and believe in strengthening their greatest assets through reassuring what they are doing versus what they aren’t. Young people thrive when they believe in themselves and an atmosphere that is positive encourages belief in oneself and belief and trust in the culture you are creating.

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