Dear Radcliffe Family,


I hope that the summer has been restful and recharging for you. I am so happy to finally be in Chestertown. 


I drove to my first day of work last Monday from Delaware and as I joyfully cruised toward this wonderful new life, I glimpsed in the rear view mirror a decorative sign my daughter had picked out for me about  four years ago. The sign simply says, "Blossom." I am one who has always loved inspirational quotes and literature, but this single word embodies what I deeply believe education should allow all of us to do.

I think it symbolizes one of the critical reasons why students, parents, teachers, staff, Board members and our extended Radcliffe community believe so strongly in The Radcliffe Way. It is what inspired me to apply for the privilege of continuing Molly Judge's and our school's good work as Head of our school. It is Radcliffe's personalized learning approach that cultivates the unique talents and strengths of each child. Radcliffe provides a successful structure that follows a path sown by a momentum of hard work, practice, and creative curiosity.


Teachers here are like true gardeners, understanding that each child needs to grow to their potential. While some children may take extra time to demonstrate their talents, with structure, patience, and exceptional teaching, each child's growth is celebrated at Radcliffe. It is a honor and privilege to be able to work here.


I am excited to get to know each and every family. I will be around for most of the summer and would like to get to know everyone. I am hoping to invite students to have lunch with me during the school year,  but it would be terrific to get to know Radcliffe Creek families before school begins. Please call and make an appointment or if you are in the area, stop by school. I am happy to travel to your home as well if it makes things easier!


Best wishes for a relaxing summer of memories. Don't forget to keep reading!


I hope to see you soon,


Meg Bamford

Head of School