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Radcliffe Creek School
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Our unique strength-based approach to individualized learning allows us to empower our students. Our super stars spend their days in a variety of classes, with extra focus being paid to areas that need specialized attention.

For example, if we have two third grade students, one of whom has strong phonological processing and awareness and the other who has no phonemic awareness and has poor fluency, each student would report to different reading classes. The student with poor phonemic processing would report to an Orton-Gillingham course, while the other student would be in a grade-level appropriate reading class which strives to teach the six kinds of syllables, spelling rules, and focuses on comprehension strategies.

The student with weaker reading skills, however, may be exceptionally strong in areas like science and math. Despite their persistent efforts in overcoming their struggles reading, the student will still go to a Discovery classroom with classmates at their respective skill level and explore concepts like magnetism and electricity by building circuits and formulating a hypothesis about positive and negative energy. Scheduling like this creates an opportunity for children to demonstrate an area of expertise, and, in turn, build stronger self-esteem.

Over 25 Years of Success!

From past student profiles to family testimonials, we've developed a library of success stories that will help you envision your student's future with Radcliffe Creek School.

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