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Feels Like Home

A School That

There is no school in the tri-state area quite like Radcliffe Creek. While we specialize in students with learning disorders, anyone and everyone is welcome. This subtle distinction has proven to be a constant gift and key identifying feature for our community. With a culture of compassion, generosity, integrity and tenacity, students feel both at home and consistently challenged. In-house specialists like Malorie Martinez (Speech and Language Specialist), Kelly-Anne Jones (Therapist) and Julie Norton (Occupational Therapist) help provide services that no other schools in the area can offer. Our team and host of services help us change the lives of students suffering from learning differences, such as (but not limited to):



Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)




Language Processing Disorders

Sensory Processing Disorders

Helping Parents Get to The Finish Line

Since 1996


Pay As They Learn

Our Finance Director, Ms. Fitzgerald, has worked up various payment plans to help best meet your family's financial situation. Learn more about our Pay As They Learn plans today! A Radcliffe Creek Education is more affordable than you may believe.


Trust The Process

Our Admissions Team follows a tried and true process with each and every child who applies to our school. There is no exceptions. We stick to the process, not to make you jump through hoops, but to ensure that all students have the same path towards success.


Peace of Mind

With over 25 years of success, Radcliffe Creek has helped an entire generation of learners find their path to success. With that critical success, we've amassed a collection of Success Stories from alums, their parents, and their families.

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