Dear Radcliffe Families - 


Our number one priority has been, and always will be, offering strong academic and social-emotional education to our students that respects and reflects the investment you make to provide the best possible education for your son or daughter. The ultimate "pay off" of investing in education at Radcliffe Creek School is that doors for your child's future that may have been closed, are opened. Our students are able to go onto a variety of high schools, colleges, and careers.


We know that there is no place like Radcliffe Creek School. Our personalized approach, small class sizes, multi-sensory instruction, and deep connections with students and their families change the trajectory of our students' lives. It is our mission: to create a dynamic learning environment in which all children cannot only succeed but thrive.


Tuition for the 2019-2020 school year has been set by the Board of Trustees at $28,700. I never take for granted the investment that you make in your child and we have worked hard to minimize these increases this year while balancing financial demands. The Board of Trustees and I believe that this increase reflects the need to meet the cost of living rate, the needs of a large teaching staff, the incredible amount of financial aid we provide, as well our operational costs.


Your children are precious to us. The amount of financial aid and scholarships available to help our returning families and our ability to welcome new families will remain consistent. We will continue our fundraising in earnest so our doors may be open to as many children as possible. Please apply for financial aid if it is needed, by completing the online forms and submitting your latest tax return to us for review. 


Financial aid is on a first come, first serve basis so please complete the necessary paperwork as soon as possible. We are pleased to announce that we have a robust list of new students who have been accepted to our school. More than ever, it will be important to return your signed contract on time.


This year, RCS Families will have the opportunity to receive multiple discounts for tuition. First, families returning forms by the due date will receive a $250 credit. Payment in full will also receive the benefit of a $250 credit. Also, I'm excited to offer a referral credit of $500 when families refer a student who enrolls in our school. Furthermore, as a way to encourage siblings to attend our school, a 10 percent discount will be granted to families who enroll more than one child.


Please contact Brittanie Collier if you have any questions or concerns about applying for financial aid.


We are privileged to be such a crucial part of your child's development. Contracts will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks.




Meg Bamford

Head of School



Payment Plan Options

*One (1) payment due July 15, 2019.  

*Three (3)  equal payments due: July 1, 2019, November 1, 2019 & February 1, 2020.

*Seven (7) equal payments due: July 1, 2019, August 1, 2019, September 1, 2019, October 1,     2019, November 1, 2019, January 1, 2020 & February 1, 2020.


Payment Options

*ACH withdrawn from bank account, processed on due dates specified in the selected payment     plan option section.

*Credit Card payment processed, on the due dates specified in the selected payment plan         option section.Credit card payments will have an additional 3% service fee charged.

*Mail or drop off check.

Financial Aid

Radcliffe Creek School offers a Financial Assistance Program. All financial assistance is given on the basis of demonstrated family need and the availability of funds. For the 2018-2019 school year, Radcliffe Creek School gave out more than $450,000 in financial aid and 60 percent of the population received assistance. Radcliffe Creek School uses the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) form from Princeton, NJ for the determination of need. Families considering financial aid must complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) portion of the SSS form, which can be found online at here.

Decisions involving admissions and financial assistance are made separately. Once the Admissions Committee has selected your child for admission to Radcliffe, and if you have completed all the necessary steps to apply for financial assistance, you will receive an enrollment contract that specifies the amount of financial assistance that your child will receive, if any, and the amount of tuition that you are responsible for paying.


Financial aid awards are made for one year and will not be given in excess of demonstrated financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Committee after reviewing your SSS form.


Applications for Financial Aid must be renewed each year.

Outside Resources

Your Tuition Solution is a low-cost financing option specifically designed to help families afford private education. Benefits include; generous loan limits, easy application process and quick credit approval. For more information, contact Your Tuition Solution at 1-866-308-0678 or online at

529 Tax-Advantage Savings Plan

Starting in 2018, the new tax code allows $10,000 in annual tax-free 529 account withdrawals for tuition payments for students enrolled in independent schools. As with all issues related to tax matters, each family's circumstances are unique. We recommend you to consult an accountant, financial advisor, or tax attorney for how you might use these savings to pay for a Radcliffe education.

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