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Tuition and
Financial Aid

It is a core belief for all of us at Radcliffe Creek School to provide our world-class educational services to families who need it most. A full year's tuition for the 2024-2025 academic year will be $33,250 for students in 1st through 8th grade. Kindergarten tuition will be $29,925.

While you can learn more about our financial aid packages below, we're proud to share that there are no additional fees for the services and activities listed below. Radcliffe Creek’s tuition includes:

  • Targeted small group instruction built into the academic day

  • Instructional technology and digital materials and subscriptions

  • Explicit instruction in organization, planning, time management, and study skills integrated in all classes

  • Books

  • Most supplies and field trips

  • Most enrichment offerings including athletics

We Strive To Make Radcliffe Creek As Affordable as Possible!

Radcliffe Creek School recognizes that tuition can be a challenge for many of our families and in order to make our program accessible to more students, we offer financial aid to qualifying families. All financial aid is given on the basis of demonstrated family need and the availability of funds.

Admissions decisions and financial aid decisions are made separately. Once a student has been accepted to Radcliffe Creek and the financial aid forms have been completed, then a contract will be issued specifying the amount of financial aid a child will receive.

Because the financial needs of our families far outweigh our resources, no student receives more than 50% of tuition for financial aid. Applications for financial aid must be renewed each year.

Our school code is 15353.


Paid In Full

Complimentary $250 discount if your student's tuition is paid in full by July 1. 


Sibling Discount

We love our siblings, and we know your children feel the same way! When your family joins Radcliffe Creek, we'll reduce your second child's tuition by 10%, and your third child's tuition by 15%. 


Referral Discount

As a thank you for referring a family who joins our community, we'll apply a $500 discount to your tuition.

Making Radcliffe Creek Accessible

Payment Plans:

Radcliffe Creek School is committed to opening our doors to families who need our services and expertise. In an effort to make our school even more affordable, on top of discounts and financial aid packages, our Finance Office offers payment plans, accepts 529 Plans, and encourages families to leverage the existing tax code.

We offer a variety of payment plans! In conjunction with our generous financial aid packages, parents are able to choose from four payment plans: a one-time payment, three payments, five payments, or ten payments.

Additionally, with 529 Plans, parents have even more flexibility. As of January 1, 2018, Qualified Education Expenses include distributions from your Account up to $10,000 per year per Beneficiary across all Accounts to be used for tuition expenses for enrollment or attendance at a K-12 public, private, or religious school. State tax treatment may vary. You can read more about 529 plan options here.

Some families with children in specialized schools have been able to deduct tuition and other related expenses from their income taxes.


Payments to Radcliffe Creek School may be considered tax deductible under Special Education medical expenses as a federal itemized deduction under Section 213 of the Internal Revenue Code. See IRS Publication 502 "Medical and Dental Expenses" and scroll to the section “Special Education” to learn more about this potential tax deduction.



Families may benefit from tax deductions, as Radcliffe Creek School’s tuition and any related educational costs, including transportation, are considered medical expenses which can be combined with all other household medical expenses for tax purposes. For information on claiming tuition as a medical deduction, please refer to the IRS Publication 907

Radcliffe Creek School cannot provide any advice on taking these deductions. Please consult with a qualified accountant or tax lawyer. IRS information about medical care expenses can be found here.

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