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What Makes Us Tick

It's All About

The Radcliffe Way is guided by our mission and philosophy! Our first and foremost priority has and always will be providing specialized individual instruction to students who need it most. We're proud to offer robust financial aid packages that open endless Radcliffe Possibilities to families who would otherwise be unable to have their dreams realized. In addition, we're immensely proud to be a pillar of the community through our Radcliffe Reach initiative and Radcliffe Generosity movement. Learn more about our Radcliffe Community and what it means to be a Radcliffe Superstar throughout our website and blog.



Radcliffe Creek School empowers children in a dynamic environment that celebrates unique learning.


At Radcliffe Creek School, the student is at the center of the learning process, therefore classroom instruction is tailored to each individual student. This process begins with the identification of each student’s strengths and weaknesses. The School creates an environment where customized learning goes hand-in-hand with academic success and better self-awareness.


Radcliffe Creek School believes that as each student develops a positive belief about oneself, he or she is able to engage in the learning process and become a more self-regulated and independent learner.


Diversity Statement

Radcliffe Creek School thrives from diversity and embraces people of all beliefs, styles, and backgrounds into our learning community. Intolerant of bias and based on core values of acceptance and respect, Radcliffe Creek School celebrates individual differences in its students, family members, faculty/staff, and Board of Trustees.​

The Five Pillars of
The Radcliffe Way

As Explained By Former Head of School Ms. Bamford
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