The challenges of COVID-19 and the disparate amount of suffering, inequality, and death across our nation created an opportunity to have our school look more closely at diversity, equity, and inclusion in our school.   


The killing of George Floyd and others, along with the subsequent powerful protests sweeping across our nation have created an urgency for us to look at how we can stand together for change.


Radcliffe Creek School seeks to create students who are critical thinkers and problem-solvers who work to make this world a better place. We take seriously Radcliffe's role in teaching diversity, equity, and inclusion as we prepare our children for their bright futures.  We work to be a school where all students, staff, and community members are understood, treated as equals, and given the same opportunities. We also recognize areas where we will need to continue to work together to create learning opportunities for our students to ensure constant teaching of the value of diversity and equity.


There is much to be done worldwide to dispel systemic racism. While the worldwide situation can feel daunting, Radcliffe Creek School is well-positioned to be able to teach each of our students in an environment where they are valued for the person they are, seen and heard every day. At Radcliffe Creek School, we celebrate the uniqueness of each child and one another each and every day.  The value of teaching social justice and how our children can be good community members and citizens is an important part of what we teach. We will continue to have curriculum materials that reflect our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Our commitment to the value of diversity will be stronger with your collaboration and support. Please reach out to us at any time. Your feedback and thoughtful contributions are crucial to the success of our students, our school community, and the world.

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