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Student  Newspaper

Led by Radcliffe Creek superstar, Ms. Bushby, our student newspaper serves as the perfect medium for our students to explore different writing styles, learn the principles of journalism, and develop interviewing skills. The end result? A dramatically more confident, well-rounded, published writer.

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Radcliffe Scholars Deliver the News!

With so many students in traditional learning environments feeling stressed because of school work, Radcliffe Creek teachers try their best to find fun ways to explore important topics. When Ms. Bushby originally drafted up lesson plans for a Journalism unit in her English class, she had no intention of starting a full-fledged student newspaper. However, when a classroom full of students latch onto an idea, like all teachers, Ms. Bushby ran with it!

Now, years later, Journalism is an optional Enrichment course that's offered a few times a year. Students explore new topics, as well as traditional journalistic staples (such as Q&As, Jokes of the Week, and a calendar of upcoming student events). Students are responsible for coming up with story ideas, writing their respective stories, and the layout of the eventual publication. By giving students control, Ms. Bushby finds that they are unequivocally motivated and eager to see the project through to the very end. This hands-on learning style ties their writing endeavors to design principles that students learn with Ms. Emory, photography skills learned from Mr. Reynolds, and more! 

Explore some of the most recent editions of Heron Headlines! Archives from past Radcliffe Journalists will be uploaded soon!

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