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Chris Hickman

Class of '08

Chris Hickman

After Radcliffe, I went to Blue Ridge Boarding School in Virginia, where I was class president for three straight years and then president of the student body. I graduated with a 3.6 GPA and received the Headmaster’s Award at graduation. I played golf all four years at Blue Ridge and then went on to play NCAA Division One college golf at East Tennessee State University where I got to travel around the country, even Hawaii, for four straight years. I had mostly European teammates, so it was a good exposure to other cultures.

I had a successful college golf career, at one point being ranked 76th in the entire Division One and my World Amateur ranking got as low as 136 out of 6,000. I also had success outside of college during the summers, where I hold the record lowest aggregate score at the Eastern Amateur Championship, a big amateur tournament on the east coast. I also won the Delaware Open in 2014 and got mentioned in a New York Times best selling book How Champions Think, by acclaimed sports psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella, for being able to apply some of his principles and win golf tournaments with them. I graduated from ETSU in 2017 and now I’m currently playing professional golf on minor league tours trying to make it onto the PGA Tour. I’ve been a pro for about a year and have traveled to a lot of nice places to play events, including Canada and Mexico. This is great, because I love to travel. I’ve won three professional events on SwingThought tour and have played well in many other events.

Currently, I’m preparing for the qualifying tournaments in the fall to get into the PGA Tour and European Tour. They both start in the fall and I’ll be playing near Normandy, France for my European Tour qualifying site, and Charlotte, North Carolina for the PGA Tour qualifier. I’ll be doing both these in September/October. My plans are to get on one of these tours and make a living as a professional golfer. I live on Saint Simons Island, Georgia, where I train and practice. I have a whole team of swing coaches and facilities down there to help improve my game.

I would tell a family considering Radcliffe that it is great for the individual attention that most children need during adolescence to thrive in the classroom. I’d tell them the small classes are perfect for that and that Radcliffe is an especially good fit for a child with a learning disadvantage, like me. I had trouble learning to read when I first got there, but through lots of individual attention and effort, Radcliffe helped me learn to read. On a side note, right now, I read about a book a month for pleasure, preferably classics, and can read French and Spanish fluently. I’m currently reading Tess of the D’Ubervilles by Thomas Hardy. All of this, for me, started at Radcliffe, because I wouldn’t have done well at many other places. I’m very thankful I went to Radcliffe.

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