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Your Generous Support

Allows Us To Provide Financial Support For 60% of Our Families!

For the students who are able to attend, a Radcliffe education is life-changing.


Every day, they are participating in active, hands-on learning, whether it’s learning about the Civil War while drawing the original colonies on a room-size map or working in our occupational therapy room building an obstacle course for two students to complete - strengthening their core and gross motor skills, invaluable for the classroom setting.


Our teachers encourage young minds and inspire creative thinking and learning through methods like these. Because our student-to-teacher ratio is so low, the School is able to focus on each student’s individual challenges and strengths, encouraging them to thrive and realize their full potential as students, family members, and contributors to their community.


The School is reliant on private donations and grants in order to provide the necessary financial assistance for many of our families.


Ways To Give

Explore all of the ways to support Radcliffe Creek School, from donations, to gifts in kind, to volunteering, we appreciate your support and your commitment to the children in our community.

Run for Radcliffe

This year's Run for Radcliffe marked our return to in-person racing! The annual event, which kicks off Chestertown's Tea Party Festival, is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year. This year's race had a record-breaking 700 participants! Explore this year's run and learn how to support us next year!

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