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Radcliffe Creek Team!

The 2023-2024

Radcliffe Creek School is comprised of more than just our teachers. Our school is also made up of in-house therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, administrators, and consultants. It includes partnerships with local community members, environmental groups, media companies and higher education institutions. All of us, in our own way, help Radcliffe Creek School advance its mission. Learn more through our series of teams below!

All Staff Directory

Our All Staff Directory consists of any and all professionals that help Radcliffe Creek School advance its mission, including teachers, specialists, therapists, administrators, consultants and more. It takes a village to care for a creek. Lucky for us, a whole lot of people care a whole awful lot about Radcliffe Creek School.


Administrative Team

Our Administrative Team is equal-parts silly, serious, determined, and above all, compassionate. The Administrative Team helps support our teachers, manage the school, and grow and care for our student body.

Teaching Team

Our Teaching Team is comprised of some of the most dedicated, loving and brilliant educators in the tri-county area. Specialists in their respective subjects, each of our teachers are acutely attune with our students, their strengths, and their needs. The Teaching Team doesn't just teach our Radcliffe Superstars, they empower them with the strategies necessary to succeed.


The Twenty Year Club!

Comprised of an elite group of dedicated professionals, the Radcliffe Creek Twenty Year Club acts as the backbone of our academic programming. These unparalleled leaders in education have not only profoundly changed the trajectory of an entire generation of learners, but now, they aim to do the same thing with an entire generation of educators. Taking our newest staff members under their wings, members of the Twenty Year Club act as mentors to all of us at Radcliffe Creek School.

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