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Amanda Stubbs

Discovery and Enrichment Teacher

Ms. Stubbs’ understated brilliance, unbridled standard of excellence and humble expertise have made her a profound addition to the Radcliffe Creek family.

As compassionate as she is kind, students feel right at home in Ms. Stubbs’ class. Not only are students encouraged to be their authentic and creative selves, Ms. Stubbs teaches students to advocate for themselves and lead with confidence. Whether it be lessons in which students discover the mysteries of ancient Egypt, learn the principles of English (ie parts of speech), or how to write in cursive, Ms. Stubbs consistently and effortlessly excels in delivering individualized, multi-sensory instruction through creative and out-of-the-box lesson plans.

A dedicated, organized and tremendously motivated educator, Ms. Stubbs joins us from Kent County Public Schools. Specializing in history, government, and environmental studies, Ms. Stubbs makes it a point to not just cover a given topic, but the history of that topic. Instantly struck by her holistic approach, students like Ava and Grace say they always look forward to Ms. Stubbs’ class.

Utilizing her expansive windows, classes are typically taught in the soft glow of natural light. Her walls are decorated in helpful posters, tips regarding classroom etiquette, and elaborate tapestries. Adding to the home and welcoming allure, Ms. Stubbs’ assortment of plants help students quell with any feelings of nervousness and anxiety.

In fact, the plants help Ms. Stubbs, too. Profoundly attune with the environment, Ms. Stubbs feels her best when she’s one with nature. Co-founder and Director of WildLife Nature Experience, a summer camp she started roughly three years ago, Ms. Stubbs is practically an outdoor enthusiast! In this role, she plans, leads, implements and high-quality educational and recreational experiences for camp participants.

Regardless of which hat she wears, one thing about Ms. Stubbs always rings true: at her core and in her heart, she is an educator. With a Master of Arts in Secondary Education from University of Maryland Global Campus, a Bachelor of Arts in History from Salisbury University, and a long list of certifications, there’s not much that Ms. Stubbs can’t handle. Leading by example, she hopes to spark feverish curiosity, a never-ending appetite for learning, and a passion for environmental studies.

Currently residing in Queen Anne’s County, Ms. Stubbs loves to travel and experience new places — her favorite destination, however, has and always will be Walt Disney World. Her go-to comfort shows are Golden Girls, Modern Family, and Big Bang Theory (but she’s a total sucker for reality shows like Survivor, the Housewives, and Amazing Race). She is very close with her family — especially her sister (who also happens to be her entrepreneurial partner-in-crime).

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