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Malorie Martinez

Speech & Language Therapist and Teacher

Ms. Martinez, a living legend and a member of Radcliffe Creek’s exclusive 20-Year Club, may be one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet. A Renaissance woman in every sense of the word, Ms. Martinez is a show-stopper in and out of Radcliffe Creek’s walls.

Ms. Martinez’s professional accolades and achievements have an unparalleled poignancy. As the leader of our Speech and Language therapy department, Ms. Martinez’s success is remarkably evident in the progress that each of her students presents. Radcliffe Creek School takes on multiple non-verbal students each year. Ms. Martinez, in conjunction with our on-site occupational therapist, helps these students find their voice. To call it a beautifully inspiring relationship between teacher and student might be the understatement of the year. However, to Ms. Martinez, it’s precisely what has motivated her to keep going after 25 years.

“I love observing noticeable progress in students; for example, knowing that a child did not speak prior to speech-language therapy, or knowing that a child could not articulate an /s/ or an /r/ sound and now they can,” Ms. Martinez said. “Seeing a student independently apply what they are learning is incredibly gratifying.”

An avid reader (and deeply-closeted ghost story aficionado), Ms. Martinez’s scholarly pursuits are almost as awesome as her passion projects. Not only does Ms. Martinez swim on a local Masters swim team, she also plays both the oboe and the saxophone in local music groups!

Ms. Martinez primarily grew up in Alexandria, VA, but also spent time on the West Coast (California) and in the North East (Maine). She earned Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at William and Mary, and her Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology at the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. A member of the Radcliffe Creek family since 1999, Ms. Martinez now lives in Worton, MD with her husband and sons.

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