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Brennan Starkey

Vice President

Brennan Starkey

Brennan Starkey joined the Board of Radcliffe Creek School in 2003 as the enthusiastic parent of a kindergartner. He saw the mission of the school reflected in the growth and confidence of his son, who graduated in 2014. He continued to serve as the school celebrated its 20th Anniversary, then went through a transition to a new Head of School and COVID-19. Brennan is currently the Vice President of the Board. He has also served as a Board Member and former Chair of ShoreRivers in Easton and the Chester River Association in Chestertown, VP and Treasurer of the Kollegewidgwok Sailing Education Association, and Board Member of the Northeast Center for Risk Management.


Brennan grew up on a vegetable and grain farm near Galena, Maryland on the Sassafrass River. He graduated from Middlebury College in 1987 and spent two years in The Gambia with the Peace Corps before returning to manage the family farm in 1990. He lives on the farm with his wife, Pat. They have two sons. Brennan is an avid conservationist, sailor, hunter and fisherman.

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