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Marcus Startzel


Marcus Startzel

Marcus Startzel has been volunteering in various organizations, with a long history of engagement. From his teenage years of delivering Meals on Wheels, to serving on the Board of Directors at the Maryland Foodbank, volunteering and working to end food insecurity has been a passion point, and at the Foodbank, Marcus was a member of the Advancement Committee. Marcus also has over a decade of experience in helping educational organizations, from the Naval Academy Primary School where he played a key role in fundraising auctions, to his leadership of the Advancement Committee here at RCS.


Professionally, Marcus is a proven executive leader and entrepreneur at multiple technology start-ups. Most recently as CEO of WBX Commerce, he oversaw several rounds of capital raises, as well as incredible revenue growth. He served in various senior leadership roles within AppNexus, MediaGlu, and local Baltimore start-ups Millennial Media and At Millennial, he led dramatic enterprise growth that resulted in a successful IPO on the NYSE. Marcus earned a Mathematics degree with Merit from the United States Naval Academy and is a former U.S. Naval Submarine Officer and qualified nuclear engineer.  His son Max is a 2023 Alumni of Radcliffe Creek.

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