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That Leans On Connection

A Tutoring Experience

We work with students to cover all subject areas! In addition to reading, writing and math, our tutors also cover history, science, areas of enrichment and more. Our world-class educators specialize in hands-on, multi-sensory immersive education.

Radcliffe Creek's Learning Labs is open to any and all students, aged K-12. While our tutors specialize in offering educational expertise to neurodivergent students, we are happy (and proud) to open our doors to anyone in the community.

More Than Just Tutoring

Your One-Stop-Shop For All Things Education


Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapist Extraordinaire is available on Mondays for student intervention and treatment! Serving students all over the Bay Area, Ms. Norton has developed a reputation as one of the leading OT providers for students of all grade levels. What's even better? She accepts most insurance plans!


Speech & Language Therapy

The head of our Speech Pathology department, Ms. Martinez, is a miracle worker. For over 20 years, Ms. Martinez has helped students find their voice, speak with eloquence, and help parents understand what makes their child tick. Ms. Martinez's strategies have helped hundreds of families in the community.


Educational Testing

With over 25 years of success, our Educational Testing coordinator, Ms. Debbie Cohee-Wright, is the Learning Labs' secret weapon. Not only can she identify a student's academic placement, she helps families develop academic plans which accelerate a student's growth and help them meet their true potential.


Meet Our Tutors!

The Radcliffe Creek Learning Labs' team is chock-full of talented therapists, evaluators and tutors who are available to help you and your student get to the next level. Any and all students are welcome!

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