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Professionals Breakfast: Bringing Together Experts of our Community

CHESTERTOWN, Md. — Radcliffe Creek School, a K-8 institution catering to students with learning differences, recently hosted a Professionals Breakfast aimed at fostering community engagement and awareness. The event, attended by nearly 30 individuals, brought together a diverse array of local leaders, including learning specialists, therapists, behavioral experts, business figures from organizations such as the Chestertown YMCA, and representatives from local organizations devoted to the arts. 

Guests were treated to a networking session, panel discussions, campus tours with the school’s administrative team, and insights into Radcliffe Creek's academic offerings. Breakfast delights were provided by the beloved local establishment, Happy Chicken Bakery.

Radcliffe Creek School, founded in 1996, has long been hailed as a "hidden gem" in educational circles due to its specialized focus on serving neurodivergent students with such diagnoses as ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, learning processing disorders, sensory processing disorders, and light autism.

Despite its longstanding presence, Radcliffe Creek School continues to encounter individuals unaware of its existence. With students hailing from nine counties and twenty-three zip codes, the institution aims to shift public perception from being a "hidden gem" to simply a gem in the educational landscape.

Organized by the school’s Admissions Director, Ms. Allison Jones, events such as the Professionals Breakfast and other community engagement exercises are meant to spread awareness of Radcliffe Creek, the school’s palpable impact on student success, and our existing partnerships within the community.



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