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Radcliffe Creek School Hosts Story Time Series for Toddlers

Radcliffe Creek School, a K-8 institution specializing in the educational needs of young learners with ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety, and autism, is thrilled to announce a captivating and inclusive Story Time at The Creek event series, designed for toddlers aged 5 and under. The monthly Story Time series, which begins on January 13th, will be hosted by Radcliffe’s literacy teachers and will feature a read aloud as well as an accompanying craft or activity.

This initiative aims to underscore the joy of reading and the profound impact of storytelling on the development of young minds. Research consistently underscores the pivotal role of early exposure to stories and reading in a child’s cognitive and emotional development. “Reading to young children helps promote speech and language, cognitive, and emotional growth,” Debbie Cohee-Wright, Radcliffe’s Special Education Learning Specialist, said. “Building their oral language, vocabulary and enthusiasm for learning is a critical foundation for learning to read.”

“Radcliffe Creek recognizes the transformative power of stories for all children, especially those with learning differences. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment where every child’s unique strengths are celebrated and nurtured,” said Amanda Stubbs, who serves as the purveyor of the school’s library.

Since 1996, the school’s mission has been to “empower children in a dynamic environment that celebrates unique learning.” A haven for neurodivergent and neurotypical students alike, students travel from nine counties and 23 zip codes to take part in Radcliffe Creek’s personalized, multi-sensory education.

The upcoming Story Time at The Creek event series will feature interactive storytelling specifically tailored to engage and captivate toddlers. Through carefully curated stories and activities, our experienced educators will employ multisensory techniques to ensure an inclusive and engaging experience for all attendees. While children are participating in the Story Time activities, parents will be able to learn more about Radcliffe Creek’s academic program with Allison Jones, the school’s admissions director.

“We believe in the potential of every child to learn and grow. This event is a testament to our commitment to providing a supportive and enriching environment where children of all abilities can thrive – even at the very beginning of their academic career,” Jones said. “Our Kindergarten program, which was developed after years of success with our Early Childhood program, has proven to put young minds on the path to success.”

The event will take place at Radcliffe Creek School and is open to all families with toddlers aged 5 and under, including those with learning differences. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in engaging story sessions and interactive activities specially designed to promote literacy and imagination. Future dates in the series include February 10th, March 9th, and April 6th. To register, families can visit Radcliffe Creek’s eventbrite page or email


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