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Grace Holmes

Class of '16

Grace Holmes

1) How did Radcliffe (or a teacher there) help you and in what way?

Radcliffe helped me most through my self-advocating skills. If not for ALL of the teachers I had while there, I would not have been ready to leave the Creek a year earlier than intended. I still use these self-advocating skills in the classroom, work environment, and on the lacrosse field. 

2) When did you attend Radcliffe?

I attended Radcliffe from 2003 until 2016.

3) How did Radcliffe prepare you for your next steps? ie Gunston, Guilford

Radcliffe helped prepare me for Gunston by always supporting my ideas and my visions. It is because of this that when it came time for college I felt prepared. Especially since my first year of college was primarily spent in a freshmen dorm due to COVID-19. I still look back upon the support and encouragement that Radcliffe gave me that I felt confident enough to apply to larger Graduate Schools to receive my Master's degree. 

4) What advice do you have for current Radcliffe students?

My advice for the current Radcliffe students is to enjoy and cherish every second. I still hold fond memories and friendships that I had made over my 13 years spent there. I also know that no matter where I go in life, Radcliffe has my back and that everyone at this school is standing in my corner cheering me on. 

5) What would you say to a prospective parent who is nervous for their child and is thinking about sending them to Radcliffe?

For all the parents who are nervous for the children, let me say this as a RCS alum. The world can be absolutely terrifying but if not for the skills I learned at Radcliffe I would not be the woman that I am today. If you send your child to Radcliffe, I can guarantee that they are receiving an education from people who are going to care for your child almost as much as you do and that it is in their full best interest to see your child succeed. 

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