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Alexis Hayes

Orton-Gillingham and Enrichment Teacher

In just her second year, Ms. Hayes is one of those new teachers who naturally and effortlessly "gets it.”

Her hands-on, multi-sensory instruction immediately won the hearts and respect of her students. An extraordinarily engaging classroom leader, Ms. Hayes specializes in reading, writing, conflict resolution and leadership. After enthusiastically joining the Radcliffe Creek family in Summer 2022, Ms. Hayes asked to take part in Radcliffe's Orton-Gillingham training session.

Now, a certified O.G. instructor, Ms. Hayes has utilized her newfound arsenal of teaching strategies to fundamentally elevate her lessons and classroom management. When utilizing these strategies in conjunction with her (seemingly) limitless creativity, students are treated to fun-tastic exercises like Reading Ninjas, academic Escape Rooms, and more!

In fact, Ms. Hayes' unbridled creativity may act as her own personal North Star. While all teachers at Radcliffe Creek embrace kinesthetic learning in their lesson plans, Ms. Hayes taps into her creative side in an effort to unlock new ways to grab her students' short attention spans. The end result? Their brains turn into sponges that soak up all the smarticle particles she has to offer.

What's more, Ms. Hayes' outside-the-box lesson plans yield unparalleled relationships with her students. For most teachers, it's not an every day occurrence to have students give you hugs before they leave. But, for Ms. Hayes, students like Parker and Sebi always want to see her one more time before heading home. It's easy to see why. Embracing every bit of her students - from the anxious reds to the lonely blues, from the rambunctious rascals to the erratic what-do-you-call-its - Ms. Hayes has the remarkable super power of making her students feel heard, seen and understood. It's a pretty special thing to see.

A recent graduate of Salisbury University, Ms. Hayes recently moved to Centreville, MD. When she's not busy molding young minds, she loves to go hiking and camping, spend time with her friends and family, play with her dog, and explore new places.

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