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Kristen Tremblay

Discover and Orton-Gillingham Teacher

Equal parts compassionate, brilliant and engaging, Ms. Tremblay’s teaching style is the embodiment of The Radcliffe Way. Her hands-on, tactile and immersive approach effortlessly translates to a holistic, all-encompassing active-learning environment. Students in her classes don’t just learn about topics — they experience them!

Originally, Mr. Tremblay joined the Radcliffe Creek family in 2014. When COVID struck, she was recruited to lead a cohort of young learners in an effort to avoid virtual learning. Now, with COVID behind us and more families feeling comfortable with students’ return to campus, we are overjoyed to have Ms. Tremblay back at RCS.

“I’m so happy to be back at Radcliffe,” Ms. Tremblay often boasts. “I love seeing our students enjoy learning and feeling proud of what they have accomplished in my classes.”

When you step into Ms. Tremblay’s classroom, it is easy to see what makes her so different, so successful, and so extraordinarily Radcliffe. Take her unit on Native American life, for example. Students don’t learn at desks; instead, they learn around the (imaginary) campfire. Student’s don’t sit in silence; instead, they’re soothed by peaceful songscapes featuring the iconic canyon flutes that were quintessential in indigenous music. Students aren’t surrounded by blanks walls; instead, they’re enveloped by the warm embrace of bright colors from a collage of their peers’ hard work. Students are greeted by their tribal name. And, in turn, they greet Ms. Tremblay as Chief Wildflower.

The result is a profoundly invested group of learners. Day after day, month after month, and year after year, Ms. Tremblay’s exceptional classroom management yields unparalleled relationships with her students, colleagues, and the families in our community. The only thing that may me more vibrant and inspiring than the relationships she builds, may be the level of care, craft and connection that she brings with her to school every single day. And, for that, we are very lucky to call her Chief Wildflower.

Ms. Tremblay currently resides in Chestertown with her pride and joy of a mini-me, Bailey. The two love to play with their pets, learn new things and tend to their garden.

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