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Megan Fitzgerald

Director of Finance

Ms. Fitzgerald is like your Facebook friend who’s life looks like a movie. After graduating from Wheaton College, Ms. Fitzgerald packed a bag and moved to St. Croix!

Ms. Fitzgerald spent 17 years on the famous Virgin Island. In that time, she gained acclaim for her book-keeping and financial expertise. She helped several companies reach key milestones and growth metrics. While living the island life, Ms. Fitzgerald also reached some milestones of her own — most notably the birth of her daughter, Jordan. The two share a beautiful bond that is equal parts shenanigans, support and sass.

Originally from Washington DC, Ms. Fitzgerald now lives in Kennedyville, MD. A proud —albeit tired — member of “the sandwich generation,” Ms. Fitzgerald spends a great deal of time caring for her daughter as well as her parents. Nonetheless, her cheery disposition and twisted sense of humor make her one of our favorite members of the Radcliffe Creek family!

On top of all that, Ms. Fitzgerald is also an entrepreneur! Her passion project, Cruzan Vibes, is a subscription box service that works with St. Croix’s local artists and small businesses. Together, Ms. Fitzgerald and these vendors curate boxes full of goodies to bring St. Croix’s vibrant culture to your doorstep.

When she needs time to relax and recharge, Ms. Fitzgerald enjoys taking long walks with her dogs, getting into trouble with her daughter, or watching some of her favorite television shows like The Office.

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