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Nick Singleton

Director of Communication

Mr. Singleton is always ready to help in any area of our school. After joining the Radcliffe Creek family in 2021, he quickly grew close to our school’s students. He can typically be found causing giggles, doling out fist bumps, or instigating various degrees of shenanigans between our Marsh and Nest pods.

However, once it’s time for business, Mr. Singleton morphs from resident goofball to dedicated professional. Much like other members of the Radcliffe Creek team, Mr. Singleton wears multiple hats to help foster and facilitate a culture of success and exuberance at our school. As the Director of Communication, Mr. Singleton is responsible for the school’s marketing and social media, the production and development of our school’s brand-new website, our texting service and more. He also serves as one of our Admission department’s Student Success Coaches and event planners.

“I adore the children, their energy and the overall culture of Radcliffe Creek,” Mr. Singleton said. “It feels so gratifying to be a part of a community that does so much good. I really admire our team and how much they care.”

Before joining the Radcliffe Creek family, Mr. Singleton led the marketing and event planning aspects of The Brick Companies’ Fun Division, a sect of businesses comprised of multiple golf courses, boat yards, and restaurants. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Communication from Stevenson University, and earned a Master of Science in Communication Studies from the same institution. Mr. Singleton’s work and education experience have taught him to manage with collaboration, lead with compassion, and always strive for growth. He has plans to pursue an MBA in the near future.

Outside of school, Mr. Singleton adores spending time with his family, going to concerts, and going on adventures. He loves music like most people love sports, nerds out on super hero lore, and has written his own stories for years. Mr. Singleton has horrible nutrition, and almost always has a stash of candy hidden in his desk (don’t tell the kiddos)!

Mr. Singleton currently resides in Crofton, Maryland.

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